Announcement: BoomBaby is going to merge with Lwazi into AstroSpaces.

With my current knowledge of the market and experience I might have done it different, but as a single developer with no experience to start, the anxiety of the threats and constant pressure from outside parties to be a central part of the team got a grab on me. I was in a though period in my private life and the anger and desperation from certain groups of people where too much considering that they as everyone else bought in under the assumption that they too would be owners.

What i did to show the BoomBaby holders faith, was to burn actual valuable tokens from the marketing Wallet, to show that there was still life behind — somewhere. Sadly misinformed rumours took over the spirit of unity and made people passive in an attempt to build up an active community.

The official launch for AstroSpaces will happen on January 7th at 11:00 UTC and all eligible wallets will receive an airdrop before that time.



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