Announcement: BoomBaby is going to merge with Lwazi into AstroSpaces.

  • Announcement from the developer of both projects: Jonathan Stoker.

During the launch and developing BoomBaby a certain group of people got on board at a very early stage of the project, which partly resulted in a major pump and dump.

While a lot of people did benefit from this, it left others with a big loss. There’s no way to prevent this from happening in any project, but what was special about BoomBaby was the fact that it engaged a true loyal, almost cult-ish, following.

BoomBaby was always meant to be a community driven project where the dev was going to fade out during the project and engage with the project as just a holder later on.

This was clearly stated everywhere, yet almost instantly after the second launched “product” people started literally sending threats — as the product wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Even though the project where only at the very early stage of the process.

Events like these does put a mental pressure on you, and when people starts researching your personal address, family relations, private information and send you mails with requirements just to end it with your home address— it becomes something else. Especially in a community driven project where the project was telling everyone to take part as owners and not just holders. It split you as a developer, because you’ve sold the idea to people to be owners right along side you — and you have to honour that as well.

As a developer I find that you have a responsibility for those investing in your project but I went the only way I felt like at that time. It’s not how I would have handled the situation today, but as first time developer on a crypto project, as the only team member, it was the only way I could think of that would be true to the promise of being a real community driven project.

Simply, I gave some of those people exactly what they wanted and disconnected myself from the project. Sadly a whole lot of those same people seemed to fade out real quickly after, and where no where to be found, once the “community” should have taken-over.

I had to distance myself from all that to be able to function and get stuff done. A new environment where the development of my vision could continue. While i was still observing and evaluating what to do in the future, if ever any actions where needed to be taken. I created LWAZI and while doing so I expected one of two things would happen to BOOMB:

  1. The community would as intended take over the project, grow bigger and the community could simply continue forever on their own and the liquidity lock would be extended or eventually be passed on to a trustworthy new “team”.
  2. The community would not engage in a takeover of the expected path of being a true community token and the token would sadly fade out.

If the community adapted to the new situation they would simply be able to continue and nothing further would happen. If not, it would allow for time to continue building a working foundation, concept and platform as for the original vision.

While developing the LWAZI platform the main focus was to build the project slowly and create a strong base with real utility without marketing anything special. Only using marketing to allow for new users to test the functions created on the platform.

While the process of all this no doubt should have made a lot of people loose faith in the project on the BoomBaby side of things, they should try to put themselves in the developers situation:

With my current knowledge of the market and experience I might have done it different, but as a single developer with no experience to start, the anxiety of the threats and constant pressure from outside parties to be a central part of the team got a grab on me. I was in a though period in my private life and the anger and desperation from certain groups of people where too much considering that they as everyone else bought in under the assumption that they too would be owners.

What i did to show the BoomBaby holders faith, was to burn actual valuable tokens from the marketing Wallet, to show that there was still life behind — somewhere. Sadly misinformed rumours took over the spirit of unity and made people passive in an attempt to build up an active community.

How will the migration work?

As we’ve just pulled as much of the liquidity from BoomBaby as we could and LWAZI, all previous holders will receive AstroSpaces token ($SPACES) equal to the same value as their BOOMB or LWAZI tokens value.

As the tokenomics of BOOMB destroys actual LP tokens, not all the liquidity may be withdrawn. We’ve pulled the 24% that was held by the deployer account and sold off tokens as well as tokens locked by marketing wallet.

As we’re merging two tokens with different approach to burning of tokens the actual tokens count received will be different from current holding. The Dollar-value of the tokens airdropped should however be the same. So if you held 0.1% you might get 0.05% of the new token, but the value of those tokens will be the same as before.

While merging the tokens there will be some liquidity held back from both tokens, as more tokens will be held from the total pool, which will be used for multiple marketing concepts and continuous buybacks/burns over an extended period of time. Hopefully creating a new healthy environment where we offer time for some holders to get out of the project if they want too, while still creating awareness about the project.

There will be a min. required holding of ~$5 to receive the airdrop. The min. required token value is to remove dust-wallets where the value are less than the gas prices of a simple transfer.

As the platform allows users to hold small amounts of the token, the merged token will be launched on Binance Smart Chain network, as the Ethereum network gas fees would never allow for these kinds of micropayments.

For the BOOMB holders:
What have actually been developed under the LWAZI project and what are you going to be a part of?

AstroSpaces token will be the currency for the platform developed like it was on The platform is a social networking platform most similar to Twitter but with dedicated rooms/boards (spaces) for each listed coin on the platform and a lot more crypto related and specific features:

  • Integrated account upgrades purchasable in native token including: No ads, lower swapping fees and more.
  • OpenSea NFT integration which allows for verified ownership posts using single NFT media. More integrations coming.
  • Board rooms for all coins with live communication chats.
  • Coin information pages with connected team profiles.
  • KYC real identity verification option for team members using passport/Government issued ID through 3rd party partner service
  • 0x project integration to swap all listed tokens with connection to referrals system for extra rewards to the referees.
  • Referral system to earn 100% of the 0x swap fees from all referrals forever.
  • Live portfolio tracker.
  • Live rewards tracker for BNB payouts.
  • Everything else expected from a normal social network (Followers, home feed, trending topics, news etc.).
  • Audit partners integration and dashboard for auditing firms. Instead of allowing projects to submit their own potentially manipulated reports, auditing firms will submit these on behalf of the projects.
  • Fuel station ⛽️ A community driven support function to burn tokens for some fuel reward. Fuel rewards have no value but are shown on ones profiles.

The new token is a reward based token where rewards are sent directly in BNB (Distribution is limited to once a day but also depends on volume, as each transaction is limited to a set count of distributions to keep gas at a minimum).

Tokenomics as follows:

  • 7–10% rewards (7% for buy and 12% for sell)
  • 4% marketing
  • 1% development

When and how?

As liquidity is pulled from BOOMB (ETH) it will be bridged to BSC and sent to LWAZI deployer address at: 0xe72f9F17A5F56c2fb071B25160EA1a7012ab8eeA

The contract for AstroSpaces are live at: Information update has been requested. Both and will be redirected to, which will display the “old” platform.

The official launch for AstroSpaces will happen on January 7th at 11:00 UTC and all eligible wallets will receive an airdrop before that time.

For the LWAZI holders:
You’ve been asking why we didn’t start any marketing, talk to exchanges or set our focus to anything other than testing features.
- This is the reason.

For the AstroSpaces project we’re already in dialogue with some exchanges and will announce soon after launch focus on getting listed.

We’ve also reached out to Dextools and will start some promotions once they got available spots. We’re in dialogue with a danish e-sport brand, which we’ll start a partnership with as a top-tier sponsor.

We’ll apply for both CG and CMC right after launch and try to expedite the listing time.

You’ve been holding patiently, waiting for the platform to progress. We’re now at a stage where we can start bringing some exposure to our project. Both the BOOMB and LWAZI communities have been amazing ever since launch, and while they’re totally different, they’re both made of true believers in the project they’ve invested in.

We’ve also sent documents through Stripe Atlas today to establish the AstroSpaces LLC, which by their own timeline should be formed in 24–72 hours and EIN received within 7-14 days.

Two major questions that needs to be addressed:

1: A lot of rumours where spread about other tokens allegedly made by me (BoomBaby dev).

There has only ever been created BoomBaby and Lwazi. I’ve never created any other token. The scam projects suggested to be same developer has simply copy/pasted the BoomBaby website. They have nothing to do with me or the BoomBaby project.

2: People did ask me directly if I was the dev of BOOMB, why not just tell them earlier?

As the contract where renounced the only thing I could pass on would be the keys to the liquidity and marketing wallet, and from experience, doing the pump of BOOMB, it was clear that even doxxed people where willing to take some money and run from their responsibilities.

The liquidity was locked and that only left the marketing wallet. So instead I waited a short period of time to see what happened in the community and chose to burn the marketing wallet, which was the only unlocked value touchable at that point.

As time went on and no one took over the project it got more and more clear that it would fade out and “lock” a lot of people due to the high gas prices after the dump. At this point there would be no fair way to allow only a few people in with the information of what would potentially come.

As I couldn’t pull the liquidity no matter what until December and the fact that there was chatting about waiting to see if the liquidity was gonna be pulled or not, I decided to wait some time after the unlock, to see if the community would engage once we reached that point.

Watching and seeing nothing happen in December either, I found that people had truly giving up on a community takeover, and/or was waiting for this exact/similar solution to happen.

Last comment:

For the AstroSpaces project you’ll be part of social network with a public team. We’re not only community-driven. We’re community inspired and our platform is community-based. The platform rely on user-activity and an open community to grow. The token is a utility token connected directly into the economy of the platform. We/I invite you to take part once again and let us show you what we can accomplish as a public team.

The team is public and the AstroSpaces LLC company is owned 50% by Jonathan Stoker and 50% by Frederik Filskov. The company has address in Aarhus, Denmark.

Join the new official socials:

Telegram group:
Telegram news channel:




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